Returning mums being left out, says study

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A NEW study claims 15 per cent of Portsmouth firms are planning to hire more returning mothers than a year ago.

But the company Regus, which produced the study, says the figure is not high enough, and called on business to do more for mothers coming back into the workforce after having a baby.

Operations director Celia Donne said: ‘There is a vast amount of untapped potential among skilled and experienced mothers who are unable to work due to family commitments. Flexible working enables companies to tap into this important talent supply and offer returning mothers a way back into the workforce.

‘The benefits to businesses are clear; not least, lower staff turnover and associated hiring and training costs.

‘But in order to retain these valuable employees it is critical that firms offer some level of flexible working, such as the possibility to work closer to home.’

Ms Donne said Portsmouth was suffering because returning mothers were being left out.