REVEALED: The household appliances that could pose a threat to your home

Washing machine. Picture: Shutterstock
Washing machine. Picture: Shutterstock
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MORE than 3,000 fires take place every year as a result of faulty domestic appliances, according to statistics.

Research by consumer watchdog Which? found that fires resulting from faulty fridges, washing machines and dishwashers have resulted in serious damage, injury, and even fatalities.

Which? said the brands that were linked to significantly more fires that their estimated market share were a cause for concern.

The research singled out Hotpoint and Indesit tumble dryers, Hoover washing machines, and Beko refrigeration appliances as posing a significant higher statistical risk. However this has been categorically denied by the firms.

Which? was concerned that even if manufacturers issued a recall for known defective products, there’s no system in place to know who has bought the products or where they live.

The company is strongly advising people who buy new white goods to ensure they register the appliance with the manufacturer if they want to know about important recalls and safety updates.

Which? says the bottom line is an urgent overhaul of the UK’s antiquated product safety system to keep dangerous products out of consumers’ homes.

The News’ consumer expert Richard Thomson said: ‘The big problem is that a lot of people don’t register their appliances with the manufacturer, so if there is a recall on a product, the manufacturer doesn’t know it exists and the appliance owner doesn’t know about the recall in the first place.

‘The ultimate safety issue precaution is to make sure the appliances aren’t switched on when you leave the house.

‘Anything can happen and even though it is inconvenient, people have been caught out in the past.’