Room rents in city on the rise

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ROOM rents in Portsmouth are rising among the fastest in the UK, according to new figures.

SpareRoom’s rental index shows that rents in Portsmouth are rising 11 times faster than in London.

The data – taken from average rents based on hundreds of thousands of rooms advertised across the UK – revealed that rents are rising fastest in Swansea (12 per cent), Bradford (11 per cent), Portsmouth (11 per cent) and Swindon (11 per cent)

London is among the towns and cities seeing the least room rental growth in the past year, up just one per cent along with Belfast and West Bromwich. The West Midlands saw rents fall year-on-year, a decrease in one per cent overall.

Aside from Guernsey, where room rents outprice London at £799, the most expensive non-London rents were around the capital, with Twickenham at £625, Kingston Upon Thames £621 and Barnet £606.