Senior Portsmouth councillor says it’s very unlikely authority will approve road scheme

John Cass in Twyford Avenue
John Cass in Twyford Avenue
  • Tory says there is a need to masterplan Tipner region first
  • But campaigner says he doesn’t want to put up with heavy traffic down his road for another ‘17 years’
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A SENIOR councillor has warned that a bid to create a temporary road taking lorries away from a residential area will be thrown out.

A planning application has been put forward by Tipner landowners to build a track that diverts lorries away from Twyford Avenue in Portsmouth.

We are in the process of master-planning the City Deal sites at Tipner and Horsea Island, and entering into an arrangement for a road now could severely prejudice those plans.

Tory planning boss Luke Stubbs

Vehicles pass through the road every day to get to commercial land west of Tipner and it’s proving a nightmare for residents.

But Portsmouth City Council owns the land where the track would go, and officers must give consent for the work to take place even if it is awarded planning permission by the authority’s elected planning committee.

And Tory planning boss Luke Stubbs, says the authority isn’t likely to approve.

He said the road could jeopardise the need to ‘masterplan’ the whole area before it is redeveloped into housing and work space in years to come.

He said: ‘People can apply for planning permission to build things anywhere, but if they don’t own the land they also need the consent of the landowner. The land for the proposed road is owned by the council, and at this time we would not be inclined to allow it to go ahead.’

He added: ‘We are in the process of masterplanning sites at Tipner and Horsea Island, and entering into an arrangement for a road now could prejudice those plans.

‘We would like to find a way to remove lorries from residential roads but can’t do it at the expense of our future regeneration plans or in a way that would devalue our land. Our long-term goal is that all the land on the west of the M275 is developed with access direct from the motorway and not via Twyford Avenue.’

Twyford Avenue resident John Cass, who has spent years campaigning for the road, says it is not good enough.

He said: ‘It’s rubbish, nothing is going to happen down there for at least 17 years. Is Cllr Stubbs saying we have to put up with traffic for 17 years? We have stressed, this road would only be temporary, whether it be for one year, two years or five years.’