Southsea restaurant aims for later licence – but upsets the neighbours

Marmion Road
Marmion Road
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A SOUTHSEA road could become home to another bar if councillors approve the variation of an existing restaurant's licence.

The owner of Gisors Restaurant on Marmion Road, Charles Tourres, is seeking permission to increase its trading hours, including the sale of alcohol, until 10pm on Sundays and 11pm on all other nights.

Currently the site, formerly Lucile's Creperie, is licensed to open and sell alcohol from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm on Saturdays and 10am to 6pm on Sundays. The altered licence would also further extend Sunday hours with a new start time of 9am.

Since its opening in July the restaurant has specialised in European foods and beer, and serves dishes such as galettes, crepes, sandwiches and waffles.

But it came under fire the same month following complaints from residents that the site was operating as a bar rather than an eatery. On inspection a reporting officer found the licence had been breached as a result.

The application for an amended licence would remedy this. However, 11 objections have been raised by the venue's neighbours.

One, Chris Bulman, of Marmion Road, said: 'I feel this application has been made purely for the profit of one individual and does not increase the appeal of the area, but negatively impacts residents with more night time activities taking place.

'The increased hours will mean more people spilling onto the street, more noise and in turn increase the possibility of anti social behaviour, especially as the bar now has a larger customer capacity.'

Gisors also has a rooftop terrace for up to 20 customers to use at a time which was a concern for some.

Landlord of the flat next door, Charley Whitmore, added: 'This area is being used by customers to smoke cigarettes and congregate for a chat. This area is extremely close to the rear window and bedroom of our property above Gisors, so close that people can be heard speaking extremely loud outside, as well as cigarette smoke pollution coming into the flat windows and building up in the rear garden areas of the surrounding private properties.

'We're not sure why or how this was ever agreed by the council in the original licensing agreement but we'd like it re-addressed if possible.'

One letter of support was received for the proposals. Sarah Pavey, of St Vincent Road, said: 'I wholeheartedly support this application and think it would contribute to and improve the local area. It would also bring extra business and customers to the Marmion Road area. Gisors and its owner Charles are responsible and run the bar well.'

Mr Tourres has agreed to the condition that the terrace area of the bar will be closed at 5pm and opened again at 10am the following day. He was unavailable to comment.

The application will be considered at a licensing sub-committee meeting on Friday, November 1.