Spinnaker Tower rebranding: ‘Gosport should have had a say’

The Spinnaker Tower from Gosport 'Picture: Charles Cope
The Spinnaker Tower from Gosport 'Picture: Charles Cope
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THE people of Gosport should have deserved a say in the commercialisation of the Spinnaker Tower.

That’s the view of borough councillor Peter Edgar following the decision to sell the naming rights of the landmark to airline giant Emirates.

Cllr Edgar said Gosport Borough and Portsmouth City Councils worked together on the proposals to build the tower in the early stages.

And he warned politicians would have thought differently about the development if they knew it would be used to advertise corporations.

‘We were very much part of the regeneration project, and I just feel the council should have at least been consulted,’ he said.

‘There was no hint there would be any form of sponsorship or endorsements on the tower.

‘The best views of the tower are from Gosport and the best views of Gosport are from the tower.’

The tower was meant to open to mark the new millennium but wasn’t ready until October 2005. The striking 170m-high viewing tower was based on an original design chosen by the people of Portsmouth.

At the time it was described as one of the most spectacular design projects of the decade.