STUDENT SHOUT: Holly-Jude Sayer-Gray asks, can we harness our new-found political passion?

Holly-Jude Sayer-Gray wants to know if young people can harness their political power   (171290-630)
Holly-Jude Sayer-Gray wants to know if young people can harness their political power (171290-630)
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It’s fair to say that for the generation growing up in the late noughties the main occupation for teens was ringtones, shag bands (don’t worry, we’re talking plastic bracelets) and Blackberry Messenger instant messenger service, BBM.

We didn’t know the difference between Tories, and Labour or even who the prime minister was.

Not anymore!

Since the EU referendum and all of the events since, dripping off the lips of us teens and 20-somethings is nothing but ‘Brexit, Brexit, Brexit!’ and ‘ Oh, Je-re-my Cor-byn!’ to the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.

But why? Where has this come from?

It is no secret that Jeremy Corbyn has been getting down with the youth by tripping around Glastonbury, appearing on the cover of Kerrang and handing out the high-fives left, right and centre.

But is this just campaign tactics knowing that young people could make up the majority of Labour’s votes?

Portsmouth South saw the power of this when Stephen Morgan secured a majority in the half of the city overrun with students.

And poor ones at that.

We will bear the brunt of the drop in the value of the pound and the potential increase in mortgage rates; Britain turning its back on Europe, and the looming threat of expensive travel; increased university fees and huge interest on debt.

When you lay out the cold hard facts of what our future is shaping up to look like – no more gap years, stuck in the rent trap forever – it’s no wonder angry young people are taking more interest in politics.

But will they actually change anything? Or will it just be angsty pub politics forever?

Young people have been talking the talk but can they walk the walk?

Will they take up arms and fight for the cause?

When the choice is between a Jägerbomb or a political rally, I’m sure seven out of 10 will go for the Jäger.