Students pick up plenty of bargains at one-off Cascades event

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More than 2,000 bargain-hunting students flocked to Cascades Shopping Centre to pick up great deals at a special event last week.

The centre’s student shop-in was first launched three years ago and is now a fixture on the city’s fashion and shopping scene.

Many stores in Cascades slashed prices for students and the party atmosphere at this fiesta of fashion was cranked up by a live DJ at stores in the centre.

The event certainly went down well with customers. Mani Campbell, 16, an A-level student from Hayling Island, said: ‘It was absolutely amazing. There were lots of different people around the shops.

‘There were girls on stilts to entertain the crowds and lots of different activities and plenty of bargains – I picked up a really nice shirt from Primark for £2.50.’

Portsmouth University architecture student Noel Chan, 21, from Hong Kong, said: ‘I enjoyed it very much, it was a really good event. I went last year and this year was even better.

‘I picked up a couple of good buys, some clothes from H&M and soap from Lush and it was a lot of fun.’

David Nicoll, a final year Business Economics student at Portsmouth University, said: ‘There was a great atmosphere and I bought a few things.

‘I’d never been before so as this is my final year I thought I better try it and I was pleased I did.’

Tom Pearson, manager of Lush, said their trading was up over 200 per cent on last year’s event and they 
took almost £2,000 in three hours.

He said: “We were really busy. We were absolutely full so that was great and our 
most popular items on the night were our fresh face masks and a limited edition Vivienne Westwood shower powder.’

Rhoda Joseph, Cascades Shopping Centre Director, said: ‘There were queues of students waiting for the centre to open at 6.30pm and the atmosphere was incredible. There was a real rush when the doors opened.

‘Many of the shops were hugely busy, and speaking to the retailers they were very happy so it was great.

‘There was a great vibe on the night.

‘And the shops enjoyed it and we’ve had excellent feedback.’