Survey reveals that half of Brits lie on their CV

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A SURVEY has revealed
that over half of UK employess have admitted to lying or withholding information on job applications or CV.

The data, compiled by, looked into how honest UK workers are about their employment history.

The report said that, in Portsmouth, the average worker has had six jobs since leaving higher education.

Around 36 per cent omitted information of a previous job from their CV or at a job interview and 24 per cent admitted to putting a friend down as a reference.

A third of people who lied in the past to secure a job were caught after being hired. Half of those caught were subsequently fired.

The information was gathered from participants from across the UK.

Over half of UK employees (55 per cent) admitted to lying.

The report showed that women are ‘more likely to bend the truth’ on applications than men, while men embellish their current salary to get ahead.

Twenty three per cent confessed to lying to obtain a higher salary.