The News Business Excellence Awards: Business Personality/Achievement of the Year

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HUMBLE entrepreneur Chris Phillips says he wouldn’t be where he is today if it were not for his staff.

And the 29-year-old chief executive officer of Just Develop It puts his success down to the fact he doesn’t rule with an iron rod.

LEADER Chris Phillips, the Business Personality of the Year '       Picture: Ian Hargreaves (150405-15)

LEADER Chris Phillips, the Business Personality of the Year ' Picture: Ian Hargreaves (150405-15)

‘You wouldn’t know who is higher or lower in our company,’ he said.

‘Everyone is pretty much on the same level, except we’ve made a few changes now, such as getting in a HR team.

‘But we are all really relaxed.

‘We try to make it as Googlesque as possible – there are hardly any shoes in the office and I certainly don’t wear any.

‘About four to five years ago I decided I wanted to create an environment as nice as or nicer than what it’s like in people’s homes.’

Chris said he wasn’t much of a success before his 20s and it was thanks to his business partners Nick Baker and Brooke Bryan.

‘I didn’t have that much success until I was 20,’ Chris said. ‘I really couldn’t have done it without those guys.

‘Before I was 20 I couldn’t have done this, but when we came together it helped things to grow.

‘It was the two dymanics I really needed.’

The judges were pleased with how Chris continues to drive his company forward, with last year alone showing a 40 per cent increase in profits.

‘Unassuming’ was the word used to describe Chris – a leader who is so relaxed, confident and so in tune with what he needed to do and where he wanted to go.

The panel also noted how only good words were said about Chris throughout his business.

‘It’s really nice having the recognition,’ Chris said.

‘As a company, we haven’t really put ourselves out there since we started.

‘It’s nice to be praised and hopefully it can help us going forward.’