Tickets go on sale today for Portsmouth Lottery initiative

The launch of The Portsmouth Lottery this month
The launch of The Portsmouth Lottery this month
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TICKETS go on sale today for the all-new Portsmouth Lottery today, an initiative designed to help worthy causes in the city.

Portsmouth City Council has set up the community scheme in conjunction with an external management firm.

From each £1 ticket sold, 60p will go directly to local causes. The rest will go to fund another pot of money for one-off grants to good causes, and to pay running costs. A £25,000 weekly jackpot and smaller prizes will also be up for grabs.

A panel will decide how money will be distributed to different organisations.

The public can buy tickets from

As reported, a similar lottery was launched by Aylesbury Vale Council, which was the first of its kind in the country. Portsmouth is the second authority to follow suit.

There is no financial cost to the council, as the management firm takes ownership of the prize fund costs.

The first draw will take place on Saturday, November 5.