Tortoise and model ship are left in Portsmouth hotels

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A TORTOISE, a boat and small trees are among the items left at hotels in Portsmouth.

Travelodge has revealed the most interesting items left behind by guests last year such as a pet and Tiffany ring.

In its Portsmouth hotels, staff placed a model of the Mary Rose, a Chanel handbag, hand-written pages of a novel and even Tiddles the tortoise in their lost and found.

Other items included a collection of miniature conifer trees and cruise tickets.

More popular items left behind included mobile phones, laptops and their chargers, books, teddy bears and toiletries.

Shakila Ahmed, a spokeswoman, said: ‘This year’s lost and found inventory list has revealed some new unique items being left behind.

‘But our 2014 left-behind register also revealed how much smart technology has become a part of our everyday lives, as we have had 12,000 tablets and smartphones left behind in our hotels.’

All items left behind which have not been claimed within three months are donated to local charity shops.