Tyre safety warning issued

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MORE than half of all parents knowing exceed the speed limit, according to new research.

Tyre company Protyre has found that 41 per cent of parents knowingly go over the limit on their way to work, and 28 per cent have admitted they crossed a junction despite an amber traffic light.

The figures come with a warning to parents from Protyre Fareham manager Matt Dickinson to take care with their vehicles as school runs start for another year.

Mr Dickinson said: ‘It seems money is one of the reasons for the lax attitude to safety.

‘Parents admit that in order to save money, they have avoided servicing the car in line with the manufacturer’s recommended timeframe, replacing brake pads, as well as changing tyres until the tread depth is at least the minimum legal requirement.’

‘We understand that parents face high costs for things like new school uniforms or class trips, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of, for example, being caught with illegal tyres.

‘There is a £2,500 fine for each offending tyre, but much more important is the potentially life-threatening risk of being involved in a collision caused by ineffective tyres or brakes.’