Uber fares are going up in Portsmouth today – this is why

MOBILE taxi firm Uber has announced it is raising its prices in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas today.

In correspondence sent to its users the firm said it is increasing its local fares in a bid to attract new drivers in ‘some of its busiest areas’. 

An Uber vehicle. Picture: Laura Dale

An Uber vehicle. Picture: Laura Dale

The service was launched in Portsmouth three years ago and has taken on drivers who previously worked for a number of existing local taxi firms. 

Explaining the price hike, Uber said: ‘From Friday, December 7, fares will be increasing for trips taken in Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

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‘To give you an idea of what this means: an average trip with no surge from Cascades shopping centre to Fratton train station would have cost £3.40 under the previous fare structure, and will now be £3.70.

‘We’re making these changes to help provide a better service for you in Portsmouth and the surrounding area by attracting more drivers to some of our busiest areas.’ 

Unlike other taxi firms, Uber customers can only hail a cab by using the company’s mobile application – which gives them an estimated price for their journey before they set off.

No cash is exchanged for any Uber journey because passengers make payment using their card and their mobile phone. 

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In comparison, Portsmouth taxi firm Aqua Cars – which also has a mobile app and provides journey estimates – says a trip from Cascades Shopping Centre to Fratton Railway Station could cost £3.90. 

Uber’s food delivery service, Uber Eats, also operates in Portsmouth