University says ‘Brexit may not be felt for years’

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WORK is being done to minimise uncertainty that might be felt by university students after the Brexit vote, according to the vice-chancellor of the University of Portsmouth.

Professor Graham Galbraith called for a plan to be brought in and said that in reality ‘nothing will change for months, maybe years’.

He said: ‘We are fortunate as a country to live in a democracy where the collective views of the people are listened to, and respected. Whatever side we have supported, the uncertainty about this decision is past and we need now to actively plan for a positive future.

‘There is no clear timeframe within which we formally leave the EU. That means in reality nothing will change for many months and maybe years.

‘It is important to stress that the current status of EU students and staff of the university are unaffected by this decision, and the same is true of the EU students we are currently in the process of recruiting.

‘Indeed by the time the UK does eventually leave the EU students joining this autumn may well have graduated.

‘The university will be working to minimise any uncertainty that this decision could generate and engaging pro-actively with government to secure future arrangements that support our university in achieving our global ambitions and strategic aspirations.’