Vocational celebrations celebrated by FSB

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THE Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) celebrated national vocational day earlier this week.

Vocational Qualification Day is about giving students practical and pragmatic knowledge to get them on the employment ladder.

Neil Eames, development manager at the FSB in Hampshire, said: ‘It was a day to celebrate the skills and achievements of our younger generation.

‘We know businesses of all sizes value the technical knowledge and insight these qualifications bring.

‘Improving careers guidance about this educational path in schools and doing more industry-based learning in the classroom will help raise the profile of vocational courses.

‘Businesses must play their part too, and we encourage companies to work with schools and colleges to support and deliver vocational qualifications.

‘Similar to our national economy, locally we need a broad skills base and both vocational skills and apprenticeships are essential parts of the mix if we are to grow and compete.

For more information go to vqday.org.uk