Warning on virus that attacks computers

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BUSINESSES should be wary of a new virus which is causing havoc with computer systems, an IT firm has warned.

Fareham-based Matrix IT Solutions wants businesses to take heed of Microsoft Windows-virus CryptoLocker, which is used by its makers to demand ransom money in exchange for halting cyber-attacks.

It is thought the group behind the virus has already received more than £3m in ransom money.

Matrix IT principal engineer Kev Penny said: ‘Although CryptoLocker has been isolated there are new viruses out there which are attacking computer systems all over the world, and these are constantly being developed to work around antivirus software.

‘A couple of simple self-help tips – make sure links or attachments on emails or on social networks are safe before you click and open them. Back up your data regularly, so if you do fall victim to the virus you can go back to before your system became infected.

‘Have up-to-date anti-virus software, this is essential.

‘If you are not sure and want to know more, contact us for advice.’