Watch: Robbie’s £1m dive

  • Robbie Savage reached £1 million in sales for Lead Forensics
  • He decided to jump into the lake at North Harbour
  • However, he was fully clothed in his uniform
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HAPPY Robbie Savage celebrated hitting a prestigious sales target by diving into a lake fully dressed in his work clothes.

Robbie, 40, hit the £1m mark for Lead Forensics and, instead of popping open a bottle of Champagne, plunged head first into the lake outside his office at Lakeside, North Harbour.

(l-r) Robbie Savage and Adam Weeks of Lead Forensics

(l-r) Robbie Savage and Adam Weeks of Lead Forensics

He was also in a recent video that went viral as part of the office’s regular ‘slip and slide Friday’ celebrations.

Robbie said: ‘I’ve been with the company for four years and I was delighted to have reached the £1m mark.

‘I had to back up what I said I’d do - I don’t often back down from a challenge.

‘We do challenges on a Friday; things such as chilli roulette and skateboard races.

‘It’s good fun and brilliant bonding.’