Water bills in Portsmouth to fall in next five years

Water bills in Portsmouth are set to fall
Water bills in Portsmouth are set to fall
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WATER bills in Portsmouth will fall by one per cent in the next five years, it has been announced.

Portsmouth Water bills, which on average cost £96 this year, are expected to be £97 in 2019, before inflation is taken into account.

Ofwat, the water services regulation authority, yesterday announced it has finalised decisions which mean average bills for water and wastewater customers in England and Wales will fall by around five per cent between 2015 and 2020. This would see average bills.

Cathryn Ross, chief executive of Ofwat, said: ‘With bills held down by five per cent and service driven up over the next five years, customers will get more and pay less.

‘Where companies stepped up to do the best they could for their customers we did not need to intervene.

‘But where companies fell short we stepped in to make sure customers get a good deal. Now the hard work begins.

‘Companies will only build trust and confidence with their customers if they deliver. Those who do can look forward to fair returns, while those that don’t will be hit in the pocket and face a tough five years ahead.’