Waterlooville firm’s Gertie the Good Goose toy passes safety test after being recalled by Amazon

Gertie the Good Goose, which is distributed by Sweet Dreamers in Waterlooville
Gertie the Good Goose, which is distributed by Sweet Dreamers in Waterlooville
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A RUBBER teething toy distributed by a firm in Waterlooville has passed a safety test after being recalled by Amazon amid fears it was ‘carcinogenic’.

The retail giant recalled orders of Gertie the Good Goose last month after it was told by a French source the toy may be unsafe for children to use. 

It warned buyers in an email the toy could exceed limit values for nitrosamines – chemical compounds which are used to manufacture rubber products and can be carcinogenic. 

But distributors Sweet Dreamers are now seeking to reassure parents Gertie the Good Goose is fit for use after it passed testing at the TÜV SÜD laboratory in China. 

Sweet Dreamers’ director, Harry Harding, said: ‘We are a small family brand and the safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us, so we can sympathise with Amazon for taking this precautionary measure when it was first raised to them by the French authorities.

‘We hope that all parents can take reassurance from the results today and that families can now resume using their safe teething toy.’ 

Used to manufacture items such as balloons and condoms, the UK limit for nitrosamines in products is 0.01 milligram per kilogram. 

Test results dated January 9 show a select batch of Gertie the Good Goose toys from the UK were found to contain less than this. 

The document also states the toy passed a test for nitrosatables – substances which can be converted into nitrosamines by reacting with nitrite and nitrogen oxides.

People on Facebook have united to get behind Gertie the Good Goose and Sweet Dreamers after the Waterlooville firm shared the test results online. 

User Laura Wilson said: ‘Thank goodness – so sorry for any harm it has caused your business.’ 

Tilly Correnza added: ‘So pleased for you.’

Gertie the Good Goose has also been removed an online list of ‘dangerous products’ from the French Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control.

The toy sold out within 24 hours when it appeared in The Mail on Sunday in May, 2017 and hit Boots’ shelves in November

Sweet Dreamers, which is also known for producing the plush toy Ewan the Dream Sheep, was crowned Overall Business of the Year and Small Business of the Year at The News’ Business Excellence Awards in September.