We need you to let us know if your local chip shop’s frying high!

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We’re on a mission to track down the best fish and chip shop in the area.

And that’s where YOU come in!

The News needs you to tell us which chippies batter the competition in the race to be the best in the business.

Details on how to nominate are below

Why should your favourite be crowned the champion?

And it couldn’t be simpler to get your nominations in.

All you need to do is fill in the entry form in The News today, nominating your favourite chip shop, or nominate by text.

Whether you’re the mighty fish fryer himself, or a regular at the counter, this is a great opportunity to get your chippy’s name in lights.

Editor of The News Mark Waldron said: ‘Everyone loves fish and chips and everyone will have their favourite.

‘We’re looking for you to get involved and help us find the tastiest we’ve got in the area.’

Once the nominations have all landed in our net, we’ll compile a shortlist of the most popular submissions.

The competition was launched to coincide with National Chip Week, which is organised by the Potato Council, and was held earlier this month.

But of course, chips aren’t the be-all and end-all: chippies have broadened their horizons so it might be that you want to give credit for something else!

A tasty kebab and chips. The perfect pie and chips. A succulent sausage and chips. You get the gist!

And so it has begun: 2015’s search for The News’s champion chippy!

How to nominate

Fill out the form in The News today and post it to Chip Shop of the Year, PO Box 316, Rossendale, BB4 0DU.

Alternatively, text PENCHIP then the name of the chip shop you wish to nominate, along with your name, address and postcode, to 65550.