You can’t beat local knowledge in the property market

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Surveyors have a reputation as a cautious bunch, perhaps with some justification, but many clients have thanked them for it over the years.

A good professionally-qualified surveyor with extensive local knowledge and experience gained over many years will give a dispassionate and accurate assessment of a property; unlike some more remote operators working on a ‘one size fits all’ template.

Yes, sometimes it may seem as if the glass is ‘half full’ but it is the surveyor’s job to diligently assess a property and raise any issues rather than extol its virtues.

All observations are made after a thorough and even-handed examination of the building in question to present a fair and thorough report.

As a qualified surveyor and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), I am bound to be favour of getting a survey but in some cases it may be possible to recoup the initial cost of the survey due to minor items that are highlighted.

More importantly, if you don’t invest in a survey you may end up paying out even more money in the longer term.

For example, one report I carried out meant the potential buyer saved about £1,500 after problems with the drainage were identified at any early stage.

In another example, the price was renegotiated by about £30,000 to allow for work that was needed – not a bad return for the cost of a survey.

Make sure that your surveyor is RICS qualified and – like all of your choices for estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, mortgage brokers – a member of the Portsmouth Property Association.

Don’t be afraid to ask them how long they have been practising within Portsmouth and surrounding area; this is important as it will enable you to ascertain the extent of their local knowledge.

The chances are that they will have dealt with things in that area before and consequently will be able to flag up any potential pitfalls for you.

The importance of local knowledge can never be underestimated.

All members of the PPA adhere to a strict code of conduct; what you can guarantee is both local service and knowledge together with a personal service that is second to none.

By doing this not only will you be guaranteed a professional service but a local one as well.

Doing otherwise will be like throwing caution to the wind!

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