Young people to get employment support

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Hampshire Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with two leading education charities to support young people in their career choices and help employers resolve skills gaps.

The agreements with the Education Business Partnership South, which covers Portsmouth, and the Basingstoke Consortium will link chamber members across the county with thousands of young people from schools and colleges.

A aim is to maximise the opportunities for people under 25 to reach targeted employers, understand their skills needs and prepare for potential recruitment.

The partnerships, initially timed for a year, will include joint events, promotions, awards sponsorship and the involvement of charity representatives in chamber local area committees.

Cath Longhurst, chief executive of EBP South, said: ‘This partnership will bring together EBP’s expertise in working with schools, colleges and other educational institutions and the chamber’s profile with businesses.

‘It will help to ensure that young people are well prepared for the world of work and businesses have the opportunity to contribute.’