Cake-baking and beard-shaving Covers staff raise funds for Comic Relief

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A group of staff at three Covers depots have raised a total of £564 for Comic Relief.

Employees from Chichester, Gosport and Portsmouth raised the funds after undertaking a range of activities, including bake sales and a sponsored shave.

Budding bakers at the Chichester and Gosport depots sold a selection of home-made treats to staff and customers during Red Nose Day last month.

From this, they raised £224.50 and £122 respectively.

Meanwhile, a sponsored shave took place at Covers Chichester, with fundraising support from the teams at Covers Home Ideas, Covers Trade Centre and Covers Portsmouth. They managed to raise £217.50 for the worthy cause.

Lewis Benson is an electrician for Covers and grew his beard for four months, before volunteering to brave the shave.

He said: ‘I’ve been cultivating my beard for quite a while now, but as it needed a tidy up I thought what better way to do it than to shave it off for charity.

‘While it feels odd having a clean shaven face, I’m delighted to have done my bit.’

The funds will go towards one of the projects supported by Comic Relief.