Call for action over cyclist accident hot spots in Portsmouth

A walker and cyclists on the Southsea seafront walkway. ''Picture: Melanie Leininger (142225-05)
A walker and cyclists on the Southsea seafront walkway. ''Picture: Melanie Leininger (142225-05)
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DOZENS of accidents have happened in 21 streets in Portsmouth – and cyclists are calling for something to be done about it.

The ‘hot spots’ which include streets all over the city, were identified in government data about road accidents involving cyclists.

Eighty one accidents happened in the 21 streets over three years.

More than 20 of those caused serious injuries.

All of the accidents happened on 30mph roads, with 19 of the 21 happening on A roads in the city.

The other two were in Elm Grove and Albert Road in Southsea.

Members of Portsmouth Cycle Forum are calling on Portsmouth City Council to do more to reduce the number of accidents.

In a presentation at the group’s open meeting last night, Tom Hart, forum committee member, explained many of the collisions occurred at junctions.

The most dangerous street for cyclists, according to the figures from the Department for Transport, is Park Road in Landport.

The area is popular with students from the University of Portsmouth.

Other roads named include the Baffins Road junction with St Mary’s Road and the junction of Cromwell Road and Henderson Road.

‘The council has done a lot with the 20mph limits in residential areas but many of the accidents are happening on A roads,’ Mr Hart said.

‘The worst affected are young professionals and blue collar workers. Students and low-income families are being affected.’

Following an open letter being written to members of Portsmouth City Council by the forum chairman, Jon Spencer, council leader Donna Jones has asked the group on ideas to improve cycle infrastructure.

‘It is easy to say how many accidents there are but less so to say how to stop them,’ said Mr Spencer.

‘We have a problem with cycle accidents, and it is better to be out in the open so people know about it.

‘Councillor Donna Jones has come back to us after I wrote an open letter asking for our ideas and we are working on it now.

‘The worst places for cyclists are all found on 30mph roads. In the residential streets, we have got a 20mph speed limit. That is not where these accidents are happening.

‘The question is what do we do?

‘In the short term, the council needs to go to these hot spots to see what we can do.

‘Longer term, we probably need more substantial engineering to be done to redesign the roads and address the problem.’