Call made for tougher action on fly-tippers dumping waste

Rubbish dumped at L&S Waste Management in Laveys Lane, Fareham
Rubbish dumped at L&S Waste Management in Laveys Lane, Fareham
  • New figures show cost of the clear up runs to hundreds of thousands of pounds
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SHOCKING amounts of rubbish are being dumped at a huge cost to the taxpayer, new figures show.

Numbers released yesterday reveal £380,099 has been spent in clear-up and enforcement action in 2014/15.

The punishment for fly tipping needs to be more widely enforced and much more severe

Mick Balch

There were 3,712 incidents in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Havant and East Hampshire in the same period.

Now, calls have been made to take harsh action on anyone caught dumping waste.

Mick Balch is managing director of L&S Waste Management, in Laveys Lane, Fareham. He said fly-tipping is a big problem.

He said: ‘The punishment for fly-tipping needs to be more widely enforced and much more severe.

‘For any significant change to occur, offenders need to face a real threat of a custodial sentences. We cannot rely on the authorities alone to police this and the public should be vigilant with regards reporting issues of fly-tipping.

‘Ultimately, it is the public the pay the price for the irresponsible actions of these people who have little respect for the environment or our countryside.’

He said just yesterday someone dumped waste at his office.

‘Thanks to some neighbourly detective work the owner of this fly-tipped waste was reintroduced to the waste he had paid someone to remove – and paid again for its legitimate disposal,’ he added.

The figures showed the number of incidents, the cost of enforcement and cost of clear-up.

n Portsmouth: 923 incidents, £44,547 clear-up cost and £106,146 in enforcement costs.

n Havant: 1,503 incidents, £61,316 clear-up cost and £51,876 enforcement.

n Gosport: 511 incidents, £29,439 spent on clear-up cost and £15,840 on enforcement.

n Fareham: 338 incidents, £29,132 clear-up cost and £14,553 on enforcement.

Fareham’s councillor responsible for public protection Trevor Cartwright said: ‘We are working closely with the police in a joint operation to ensure that all vehicles carrying waste have the correct licence and are disposing of it correctly.’

He said prosecutions need witnesses and evidence in the waste connected to the offender.