Call made to fight against the fly-tippers

EYESORE A pile of flytipped waste dumped in Five Heads Road, Horndean
EYESORE A pile of flytipped waste dumped in Five Heads Road, Horndean
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A SPATE of fly-tipping in country lanes has been condemned.

Four large piles of waste, including bricks, plastic tubs, old furniture and plasterboard, were dumped in roads in and around Horndean.

DUMPED Plasterboard left off Boyes Lane in Blendworth

DUMPED Plasterboard left off Boyes Lane in Blendworth

But residents are fighting back and have turned detective in a bid to catch the culprits.

Local resident and councillor Guy Shepherd discovered a CD among one pile, with dozens of holiday snaps of a group of friends in China from November 2007.

A letter and fuel cards were also found.

The evidence has been passed to East Hampshire District Council, which is investigating.

The piles of waste were left in Five Heads Road, Horndean, two mounds in Boyes Lane, Blendworth, and another in Clanfield.

The cost to the council of cleaning it up will be about £1,500.

Cllr Shepherd said: ‘There were four lots in the same day at Blendworth, Horndean and Clanfield.

‘We pay for this. The people who do this are, quite frankly, scum.

‘We need to find out who they are and make sure they cover the cost of cleaning up the mess – otherwise we all have to pay as taxpayers.’

He added: ‘The team at East Hampshire and Havant spend a lot of time dealing with fly-tipping.

‘They work very hard to track people down. Luckily this time there are some clues we have found.’

East Hampshire is a fly-tipping hotspot because of the abundance of country lanes.

Last September 250 waste tyres were dumped in North Lane, Clanfield.

Last March 30 heaps of building waste, littered with asbestos, were dumped on the edge of Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Cllr Shepherd added: ‘We would encourage people to be vigilant. If you see anything suspicious don’t confront them, take down their number plate and email East Hampshire council. It will go on the log.’

Anyone with information should call 0300 300 0013.