Call to donate unwanted brass instruments to African children

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A MUSICIAN is appealing for brass instruments to be donated to disadvantaged children in Africa.

Steve Sargent, a life-long trumpet player, is collecting on behalf of the charity Brass for Africa, which supports children in orphanages in Uganda and Liberia.

The charity believes the opportunity to learn and play music has a profound and empowering effect, particularly on disadvantaged young people, orphans, ex-street kids, refugees and vulnerable children.

The charity runs nine brass bands together with other musical and social programmes in Africa.

It also provides brass instrument teacher training for older musicians and has an instrument repair workshop.

Mr Sargent, of Petersfield, said: ‘At this time of year, many of us are acutely aware of how fortunate we are and we want to do something for those who need help.

‘It occurred to me that lots of families here have unused brass instruments in their lofts and cupboards after their children stopped music lessons and went to university. Probably, these will never be played again, and many people would like them to be used in a way which will transform the lives of young people who have nothing.’

To donate an instrument, contact or phone 07707 993200.

Mr Sargent will collect instruments for the next shipment, by arrangement.