Calling people to worship with drums

NEW SOUND The first drumming session at Holy Trinity Church
NEW SOUND The first drumming session at Holy Trinity Church
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Rev Sally Davenport, Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Fareham, says playing drums in church puts people in a good mood

Bells are a traditional way to call people to church. We are delighted that the two bells at Holy Trinity Church in Fareham are now up and chiming again.

But last Sunday we tried a new thing: calling people to worship with drums!

Thanks to a legacy from Marilyn West who taught children in the junior church at Holy Trinity for many years, we were able to buy 10 djembe drums to accompany our songs and hymns.

A group of children and adults had their first lesson on Saturday and played on Sunday.

‘Djembe’ means ‘everyone gather together in peace’. So we did.

It wasn’t quiet but wonderful and it put us all in a good mood for the day!

We intend to use these drums regularly in future.

It’s a great way of involving our children and young people too and that’s really important to us.

The High Time Appeal to refurbish the clock and tower has been well supported by the community and the work is almost complete.

We had to wait for the clock to ‘settle’ when it returned from the workshop but it is now telling the right time.

We also have a new welcome area by the main entrance and in the service we blessed the new furniture for the toddlers space, the refreshment station, chairs and tables.

We then enjoyed coffee there after the service.

Looking ahead to next month, Valentine’s Day (February 14) is on a Sunday. This is a rare occurrence and only happens again three more times up to 2050.

We always celebrate God’s love for us and on February 14 all couples married at Holy Trinity are invited to the 9.30am service to celebrate their love.

No one is excluded, so if you want to come and thank God for the gift of loving, committed partnerships which help us through the ups and downs of life, then we’ll be glad to welcome you to Holy Trinity.

Do post your stories and photos on the parish Facebook page, and bring a photo for our display board.

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