Calls for action after motorcyclist’s death in road accident

TRAGEDY Tributes at the accident scene last year. Inset Marcus Lowbridge
TRAGEDY Tributes at the accident scene last year. Inset Marcus Lowbridge
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A CORONER is calling for traffic calming measures to be brought in on a road where a motorcyclist died.

Marcus Lowbridge, 20, died of multiple injuries after his 600cc Suzuki bike collided with a Nissan Micra car at the junction of Admirals Road and Hunts Pond Road, near Park Gate.

An inquest at Portsmouth Guildhall yesterday ruled that Mr Lowbridge’s death was as a result of an accident – but speeding was also said to be an issue.

Mr Lowbridge, of Locks Heath, was travelling at 39mph in a 30mph zone in Hunts Pond Road when the collision with the car, which was pulling out the junction, happened.

The driver Angela Rawson told coroner David Horsley that she saw nothing which made her think twice about pulling out.

She remembered seeing a light, but it looked like it was far away.

Mrs Rawson said: ‘I approached the junction and then I stopped and looked. There was nothing that I could see. I pulled out as normal and then there was the impact.’

Forensic collision investigator Antony Johnson said the accident, which took place on March 10 at around 8.20pm last year, happened when it was dark.

‘The darkness would have made it difficult to assess the speed of the Suzuki,’ he said.

A statement from Joseph Farley, who was driving a VW Polo car behind Mrs Rawson, said she had pulled out of the road at a normal speed. His friend Henrietta Goodrun said: ‘We stopped behind the car, then I saw something like fireworks going off.

‘I looked to my left and saw a body on the floor.’

Insp David Ockelford said he heard a motorbike coming down Warsash Road around the time of the incident. ‘The speed of the motorbike was particularly reckless,’ he said. ‘It was probably one of the fastest ones I have every heard going past.’

Mr Lowbridge had passed his motorbike test the year before and got his driving licence when he was 17. Mr Horsley said he was going to contact Fareham Borough Council about the possibility of changes being made.

‘It does seem to me this was a 30mph speed limit and Mr Lowbridge was significantly over that speed limit,’ he said.

‘Taking all the factors into account it seems most likely to me that Marcus’s death was an accident, and there were unforeseen consequences.’

Mr Lowbridge’s father Peter said: ‘He went to work in the morning. It was a normal day for him. He was social and outgoing and fitted in well with everyone.’