Calls made to fine litter louts ruining beach

Rubbis at the Hot Walls
Rubbis at the Hot Walls
Commercial Road
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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LITTERBUGS are spoiling a popular beach and turning the area into a virtual tip by the end of each sunny day.

These readers’ photos taken in the past week show the beach at the Hot Walls in Old Portsmouth covered with litter.

Now St Thomas ward councillor Les Stevens has condemned the behaviour and is calling for litter louts to be fined.

He said: ‘It’s irresponsible, disgusting behaviour by a few members of the public. Most people are responsible but you get others who don’t give a damn.

‘It wouldn’t be a bad idea for this to be monitored more closely and fines issued.’

The call follows the Tory-controlled council’s decision to ditch a scheme ordered by the former Lib-Dem administration to hire a private firm to crack down on littering and dog fouling.
Cllr Rob New, the council’s cabinet member for environment and community safety, said: ‘In the summer you are going to have people who will be irresponsible.

‘We’re working on a proper clean streets agenda.

‘It’s in the planning stages now and will hopefully have an impact on this sort of stuff.’

Tony Antoniou, of Southsea, said he often noticed rubbish on walks along the seafront.

‘If you walk in the afternoon you see a lot of it,’ he said.

‘It’s a case of enforcement. People should be made aware of the dangers of leaving litter everywhere.’

Johanna Linfosch, 32, of Sweden, visited the Hot Walls while on her holiday.

Ms Linfosch said she had noticed litter around the area.

She said: ‘Unfortunately people leave it in the sea or leave it on the beach. If they can’t get rid of their litter in a bin, they should take it home with them.