Calls to care for the elderly this Christmas

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Residents are urged to look out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours over the festive period.

Police are encouraging people to check up on people who live nearby to ensure they too enjoy a happy Christmas.

Police community support officer Leon Bailey said: 'The winter months are often a time when vulnerable and elderly people can suffer. They can't always get out in bad weather conditions, and sometimes they can't ask for help when they need it - have you heard from your neighbours lately?

'Make sure you look after any vulnerable people you know by calling in on them and just making sure they are alright.

'Ensure that they have everything they need in their property, and their heating system is in good working condition.

'If there is a lot of snow or ice outside, you could always clear a path for them so they can safely leave the house if they need to.

'Make sure they can contact you if they need help, and make sure they have a happy Christmas too.'