Camera club’s towering film ambition

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IMAGINE waking up and finding the Spinnaker Tower had moved across the water to Fareham Creek.

This is what the Gosport and Fareham Camcorder Club has done with its new 11-minute film, showing the iconic tower being moved in a bid to put Fareham on the map.

The short film, called On The Map, was conceived by club member John Collier to show what could be done with a bit of imagination and commonly available computer software.

Mr Collier, of St Catherine’s Way in Fareham, said: ‘The idea was to stretch the club members a bit and also to raise some awareness of what we do.

‘The idea just came to me as something crazy, but how can we film it so that what’s going on has a bit of credibility and it built from there. I wrote the initial concept in October 2009, and had planned it as an April Fool for the next year, but it’s taken a lot longer to get together. In terms of actual filming though, it’s all been done in the past three months.’

The end result uses club members and members of the Fareham Musical Society as actors and digital effects to ‘move’ the tower.

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