Campaign for city to clean up its act

Rachel Hudson of Portsmouth Freinds of the Earth''Picture. Pitcure: Paul Jacobs
Rachel Hudson of Portsmouth Freinds of the Earth''Picture. Pitcure: Paul Jacobs
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PORTSMOUTH can do even more to help combat the issue of air quality in the city.

That is the message from the Portsmouth Green Party, which hosted #LetPompeyBreathe day of action to highlight the issue of air pollution in the area.

A recent report by Portsmouth City Council’s public health team revealed that air pollution in Portsmouth causes an estimated health burden equivalent to 100 deaths a year.

Mike Wines, Portsmouth Green Party co-ordinator, said: ‘Urgent action is needed to address Portsmouth’s air quality issue, which sadly attributes to 100 deaths a year.

‘Poor air quality has been linked to many serious health conditions including heart disease, breathing problems and Alzheimer’s.

‘Most pollution in Portsmouth is caused by road traffic and more needs to be done to ensure we have sustainable travel into and across our city.’

Portsmouth Green Party is not alone in its campaign for cleaner air.

The party is being joined by Portsmouth Friends of the Earth, which says that clean air should not simply be a fantasy.

Rachel Hudson from Portsmouth Friends of the Earth said: ‘It shouldn’t be an aspiration to have clean, fresh air for everyone, everywhere in our city – it is our right.

‘We have been monitoring air pollution levels using our own diffusion tubes and we want to ensure community input is listened to by those who can make a difference.

‘With people’s health being at risk, a public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure is urgently needed.’

The #LetPompeyBreathe day of action is part of Portsmouth Green Party’s ongoing campaign for cleaner air.