Campaign group holds anti-Brexit ‘barnstorm’ for city activists

Attendees at Best for Britain's Portsmouth barnstorm
Attendees at Best for Britain's Portsmouth barnstorm
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ACTIVISTS were given a masterclass in how to fight Brexit.

A campaign group battling to overturn Britain’s decision to exit the European Union staged a public meeting for city activists.

Dubbed a ‘barnstorm’, the event was one of a nationwide series held by Best for Britain – a collective pushing for a second vote on Britain’s independence from the EU.

As part of the session – which 35 people from Portsmouth and the surrounding areas attended – visitors were given persuasive training on how to tackle Brexit on a local level, including how to approach and put pressure on their MP and communicate with groups with differing opinions.

Leading the training was Kyle Taylor, Best for Britain’s field campaigns director.

He said: ‘Our first barnstorms have been a great success. It was incredible to meet such a diverse and energetic group of activists.

‘People from Portsmouth and across Hampshire are clear that Brexit is not inevitable and they’re committed to fighting for a no Brexit option because it is absolutely what’s best for Britain.’

With 10 barnstorms across the UK planned for November and December, Best for Britain plans to hold more events in 2018.