Campaign launched against planned new care home for elderly

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A campaign is under way against plans to build a care home in Gosport.

The new development in Oval Gardens would be home to 18 elderly people.

But local residents have raised concerns that a large three-storey property is out of character with surrounding properties, and that there would be further problems with traffic and parking.

So far 93 letters of objection have been sent into Gosport Borough Council along with a petition with 140 signatures.

The decision will be made at the council's planning meeting next Tuesday.

But there's hope for campaigners as officers have recommended the application is refused.

They said property would overlook neighbouring gardens and would lead to a loss of privacy and light for residents in the area.

Chris Bunch, 65, of Oval Gardens, said: 'The whole thing is a complete mess. It's already difficult to get up and down this road. We don't need any other problems. It's bad enough as it is, without doctors, deliveries, staff and visitors.'

Rodney Brumpton, 72, who also lives in the road, said: 'It's not right for the area. There are plenty of other places which would be more suitable.

'This is a residential road. We already have problems with parking and this would make it worse.'

But 29 letters of support have also been received, with some arguing there's a shortage of new retirement home accommodation in the town and that the area has good bus routes.

Tory council leader Mark Hook said: 'There is always a need and I'm sure as people live longer there will always be a need but they have to be in a sensible location. That's the problem we have.

'I am sure the members of the planning board will look at the arguments both for and against it on the night. But in this case it is in the wrong location.

'If you're putting in a care home it will generate a lot of additional traffic, not from the people in the care home but from those visiting, including medical people that would be required there.'

The meeting is at Gosport town hall from 6pm on Tuesday.