Can you stop the zombie attacks?

Zombie encounters
Zombie encounters
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AFTER recent construction work unearthed a secret chamber beneath Port Solent, unexplained occurrences attracted the interest of the URF (the Undead Research Foundation).

Building contractors going missing, staff going to the car park and disappearing and security staff reporting attacks from ‘decomposing’ youths.

Research uncovered Port Solent was built on an ancient Pagan burial ground and construction workers re-opened the chamber releasing zombies.

The URF has contained the area but needs volunteers to entre the secure zone to ensure the threat has been neutralised.

This is all part of the new interactive experience set to be hosted by Zombie Encounters at Port Solent on Saturday, June 16 as part of this year’s Comic Con.

Port Solent’s Lisa Fowler, said: ‘With the popularity of the zombie culture constantly on the rise, we’re thrilled to be able to offer our guests this brand new, thrilling experience at this year’s Comic Con.

‘We’ve worked hard to make this year’s event bigger and better and this is a great example of one of the many extra activities we have to offer this year.

‘We hope visitors will get their adrenaline pumping by taking part in this exciting experience and we’re sure Zombie Encounters will make it one to remember.’

The entry fee will be £5 and will be donated to the Children’s Bubble Fund at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital, supporting the funding of essential equipment needed to give children and their families a more comfortable, positive experience.

Visitors aged 16 and over can take part in the zombie experience. Children over the age of 12 can enter with permission from a parent.

This year’s Comic Con event, in association with GoGeek Events, includes professional costumers and cosplayers, memorabilia, props and costumes from popular comic books, movies and TV shows and Pokémon tournaments.

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