Cancer can touch all of us so thanks for running

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Cancer is something that will have touched the families of pretty much every single person who reads this newspaper.

Whether it’s you, a relative, or friend, it’s hard to escape the reach of this terrible disease.

Which is why it’s fantastic to bring you the coverage we do of Race for Life.

The annual event attracts thousands of women locally and tens of thousands across the country to strap their trainers on and get out there to raise money and awareness.

Many of those taking part may not be natural athletes, but they’re determined to make a difference and do their bit.

We’ve led today’s News on the inspirational story of Natalie Turner, who is terminally ill with the condition having already lost a leg to it.

But it hasn’t stopped her getting out and about.

She, her family and friends got out yesterday in the rain and completed the course.

And we applaud them and every single other person who took part.

It’s thanks to you and all those who sponsored your efforts that cancer research charities can get ever-closer to finding better ways to tackle the condition.

So whether you raised £10 or £1,000 or indeed nothing at all, give yourself a pat on the back today.

Just being out there is enough to make a difference and make people sit up and take notice.

We’ll have more inspirational stories from the race in Family Life tomorrow, but every runner will have had their own reasons for taking part.

We’d like to simply say thank you.

You’re amazing, every single one of you.