Cancer patient’s friend shaves head for cash

GOING BALD Adam Ayling, 31, shaved his head to raise cash for charity
GOING BALD Adam Ayling, 31, shaved his head to raise cash for charity
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Morning weather and travel

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CARING Adam Ayling is braving the winter weather with a bald head after shaving his hair raising hundred of pounds for cancer charities.

Adam, 31, of Gosport, raised £781 for charities including Harbour Cancer Support Centre in South Street, Gosport, after family friend John Willis, 36, of Portchester, was diagnosed with testicular cancer for a second time.

The money will go to Mr Willis’s charity, Kick It Into Touch, and then go on to the other charities.

Adam works with his mum Heather, 65, who owns Zodiac Florist in Whitworth Road, Gosport.

He said: ‘I just wanted to show my support and raise money for his charity.

‘I’ve lost family and close friends to cancer so I thought it was the least I can do.

‘John delivers our plants and we’ve known him for three and a half years and become really good friends.

‘I would like to do more for John but I don’t know what to do next.

He added that because he is a similar age to John, it made him think that cancer could hit anyone.

Adam’s hair was cut at Innovations Hair & Beauty Salon in Whitworth Road, Gosport by manager Pene Colwell.

Staff at the salon also raised cash in the shop.

For more about Mr Willis’s condition visit