Canoe and kayak owners asked to help coastguard

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LABEL your canoe or kayak to make sure it can be returned to you if it is lost or stolen, the coastguard is asking owners.

HM Coastguard has produced a free ID sticker which owners can use to write their contact details on and stick on their canoe or kayak.

Anne Young, national liaison officer for canoes and kayaks at HM Coastguard, said: ‘We recommend that you clearly mark your canoe or kayak with your name and contact details so that if it is lost, stolen or abandoned we can contact you to make sure that you are safe.

‘This will save a lot of time, and could give us extra information we need to 
help you if we believe you’re in difficulty at sea.

‘The new stickers are very easy to use. Just write your contact details onto the paper side, stick the laminate over the top and stick onto your canoe or kayak.’

Nationally, 578 incidents involving canoes and kayaks were reported to HM Coastguard in 2012. There were nine fatalities.

Stickers can be ordered via the website