CANON JOHN DRAPER: '˜Imagine what your life would be like without art'

The rector of St Mary the Virgin Church, Rowner, thanks God for a rich cultural life

Friday, 20th April 2018, 10:00 am
Canon John Draper thanks God for being able to enjoy art

In my spare time I love going to concerts, either in London or locally; or to visit an art gallery, again either in London or more locally.

I love to hear and see what inspires people to write music or to paint.

Two television programmes which I am following at the moment are the Sunday evening art competition, The Big Painting Challenge, presented by the Rev Richard Coles, and the Young Musician of the Year competition, with its various sections and final stages.

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Again, I just love listening to the story of the various artists: what has been their background, their training and their current tasks involving their work in art.

The question is always: who has inspired these people to draw, to paint, or to play an instrument?

My belief is that the talent is given to them by God, who inspires us through our imaginations.

Without that imagination, we would not have the great symphonies, or the great works of art in our homes and galleries.

The imagination is part of the gift which God gives to each of us to be inspired to, in turn, inspire others to write or to paint.

Great works of literature also come within this sphere. Who else could inspire authors like Tolstoy or poets like Wordsworth?

Our churches are repositories of works of art, so why not go into your local church and admire both them and the architecture which enfolds them. It all comes from the dreams of the artist.

And if you are artistic yourself, imagine what your life would be like without art, our creative senses and our Imagination.

Go to an exhibition or a concert and be inspired and moved.

Perhaps even have a go yourself. See how you can transform your surroundings and your life – then thank God for it all.

St Mary the Virgin Church is in Rowner Lane, Gosport.

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