Car alarm’s noise gives Havant neighbours 10 hours of misery

Police car. Pitcure: Jon Rigby

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HOMEOWNERS in a quiet street have described how their peace was shattered by a continuous car alarm – for more than 10 hours.

Don and Jackie Grant, of Bellair Road, Havant, said their day was disturbed by a noise coming from a car parked near their house.

Mr Grant, 67, said people living in the road endured the sound from midday on December 30 until 10.45pm when the motorist returned.

He alerted Havant Borough Council and Hampshire Constabulary to the noise but said no one was able to deal with the matter.

He said: ‘It was so annoying and loud.

‘It was a loud and constant beep – it was loud enough to be persistent all day.

‘I phoned Havant Borough Council at around 4.30pm but was greeted with a message that they had closed until January 3.

‘I gave the car’s registration number to the police and they notified me the driver was at work and would return at 6pm. But I received another call from the police later saying they would return at 10.45pm.’

He added motorists had been known to park in the road before going on holiday.

Mrs Grant, 58, added: ‘It makes me cross that this person can park here and cause so much disruption but there’s no fine given.

‘We were subjected to 10 to 11 hours of noise.’

Her sister Kerry Farr, who lives with husband Ian and son Tom in the same road, also contacted the authorities over the noise.

She said: ‘The noise sounded shrill – it was so frustrating.

‘Parking is a big problem here unfortunately.’

A spokesman for the council said it received a call to its out of hours service.

He said: ‘We have a duty to investigate. However it is a lengthy process for council officers to gain the vehicle ownership details out of hours. In extreme circumstances, the council would serve notice on the owner or the registered keeper of the vehicle, if it were in the road.

‘The notice would be affixed to the vehicle whilst the officer continued to try and track down the relevant owners.’

He added that a vehicle could be towed or have its alarm disabled if the owner is not located in a valid time.

A police spokesman said it was not a police issue and incidents of noise nuisance should be directed to the local council.