Car wash chaos makes neighbours want to move

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Neighbours of a car wash say it has caused so much trouble that they want to move.

People who live in Claremont Road, Fratton, have spoken out about Super Hand Car Wash, after the company applied for planning permission to turn part of its garage forecourt into a car sales centre.

Tracey Bass, joint founder of the Fratton South Neighbourhood Watch Association said: 'There's been a lot of swearing recently at residents.

'Just before Christmas there was a funeral in the flats opposite the car wash and the funeral car could not get to the house.

'I had to ask the car wash staff to move their vehicles.

'The relatives of the deceased lady were sobbing their eyes out.

'It's especially bad for people with buggies or those in wheelchairs and on crutches. They can't get down the street because of the cars parked on the pavements.

'It's been even worse recently where water from the car wash has frozen making the pavements treacherous. The situation has got so bad that some residents are considering moving house.'

Super Hand owner Yadgar Omar defended his plans to open the outdoor showroom at a meeting of Portsmouth City Council's planning committee.

He said: 'There has been a misunderstanding with neighbours in the area.

'I just want to expand the business to have eight people working for me because the rent on the garage is very high.

'I believe there is plenty of space around to develop the business and we are always careful not to park anywhere we shouldn't.'

The planning application was deferred to allow Mr Omar to provide more details of the effect of the car lot on parking on Claremont Road.