Carolyn takes on fear of heights for QA team who saved her life

AFTER spending weeks in a coma with sepsis, the doctor's prognosis for Carolyn Edginton was that she would need 24-hour care.

Sunday, 19th August 2018, 7:37 pm
Updated Sunday, 19th August 2018, 7:40 pm

But 18 months after collapsing and being rushed to hospital, the 47-year-old overcame her fear of heights to jump off The Drop at the Spinnaker Tower today.

Cheered on by family and friends, Carolyn stepped off the platform dressed as Wonder Woman to mark the end of her incredible recovery.

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'˜My family were told three times that I was going to die'

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Shaking like a leaf after making the leap, she said: '˜I'm petrified still and can't stop shaking. It was horrible and I won't be doing it again, ever.

'˜I am proud that I actually did it, without a doubt. I didn't think I would be here this time last year, I shouldn't have been. It's a big achievement. 

'˜Obviously for my family and friends to be here is amazing and I really want to thank them for their support.

'˜That means more than anything to me.'

Bad weather meant Carolyn's planned abseil was postponed.

As previously reported in The News Carolyn, from Portsmouth, spent 21 days in a coma after collapsing in January last year.

On three occasions, her family were told that she would not survive the ordeal or if she did, she would need to live in a care home.

But the critical care team at Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, saved her life and to say thank you, she took part in The Drop. So far, Carolyn has raised £600.

She said: '˜This was my way to say thank you and give something back.

'˜I am petrified of heights, I hate them. I knew this was going to be a real challenge for me to do.

'˜I can't even go up escalators without my husband standing in front of me.

'˜But I am pleased I did it and I am so grateful to everyone who donated.

'˜To raise £600 is amazing. I never thought after what I went through in hospital that I would be able to do something like this.'

Carolyn's husband Stephen was there to cheer her on from the ground while her youngest son Joseph, 20, also did The Drop.

Stephen said: '˜She was never expected to recover like she has. She is incredible and we are all so proud.'