Carry on recycling during the summer

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The Recycle for West Sussex team is encouraging people to recycle more of their waste over the summer.

Many of the devices people take on holiday, like torches, radios, lights and hand-held games consoles, run on batteries.

So the team is advising people to take their used batteries to special containers located at various household waste recycling sites.

Disposing of them properly means metal components can be recycled.

David Barling, West Sussex County Council cabinet member for residents’ services, said: ‘Camping out under the stars is a wonderful way for families to enjoy a break.

‘But it can generate a lot of rubbish.

‘We’re just asking you to take a few minutes and consider recycling your waste instead of just binning it.

‘It all helps ensure West Sussex – as well as the wider countryside around Britain – remains beautiful and unspoilt.’

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