Chance to see Fratton in a new light at May Fair

I HAVE sat in the same seat in St Mary's for a number of years for our daily prayers and yet it was only this last week that I suddenly noticed that some of the angels in the roof have outstretched rather than folded wings!

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 6:06 am
Ron Fidler, Father Bob White and David Shields at last year's May Fair. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (150830-6)

It is strange how we can look at something so often and assume we know it well – and then suddenly see it in a new light and discover something that we had missed.

This has been happening for a lot of us at St Mary’s Church in Fratton over the last few weeks, as we enjoy the new lighting system that has been installed.

The effect has transformed the way we look at the architecture and we are literally seeing things in a new light.

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This ability to see things in a new light will also be something we can all do if we visit this year’s community May fair.

On Monday, May 2 from 10am–4pm, you are invited to come and enjoy the fair that takes place in the churchyard and inside the church.

If you have never been before it can best be described as an ‘oversized village fete in the heart of the city’.

There are a variety of stalls, displays and activities and we try to provide something for everyone. We host about 10,000 people during the day.

The fair is also a chance for us to celebrate being part of the community of Fratton.

This year our partners from Fratton Big Local will be hosting a series of displays and activities in the church to show some of the projects they have been part of in the last year and some of the other partners who work with them.

We hope that in visiting them, you will be able to see Fratton in a new light – discovering something about the area you did not know before, and finding ways in which you can be part of this community and its life.

I hope I might see you there. Come and say ‘hello’ – you will find me in a rather distinctive red coat!

ST MARY’S CHURCH, Fratton Road, Fratton, Portsmouth