Charity car rally with war theme for soldiers heads to Portsmouth

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A CAR rally for modified vehicles is to be held to raise money for ABF The Soldiers Charity.

The event, organised by Hashiriya Shows and Modifed Xtreme, will see more than 100 cars take to the streets of Portsmouth on Saturday, and their drivers will be asked to complete challenges along the way based on the work of soldiers.

There will be a boot camp challenge, first aid task and a war exercise as part of the event and participants will be given points according to their skill and effort shown on these tasks.

One of the organisers, Chris Barnley, from Hashiriya Shows, said: ‘We have a bit of a bad reputation for causing a lot of noise and we thought this would be a good way to show people that we’re not all bad, we do good things for the community too.’

For more information, or an application form to take part, see

Each participant must raise a minimum of £12.50, all of which goes to the charity.