Charity donations go up following swim

PLUCKY Chris Pitman
PLUCKY Chris Pitman

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DESPITE being thwarted in her record-breaking attempt to swim the English Channel, Chris Pitman’s heroic effort has prompted a flurry of donations to charities.

The 61-year-old, from Bedhampton, made a bid on Friday to become the oldest British woman to cross the busy 21-mile shipping lane.

Sadly, just five miles off the coast, the water became too choppy and she had to reluctantly give up.

But her courage struck a chord with the public who have pushed her fundraising total up to almost £2,000.

Now at home in Hulbert Road, Chris said: ‘I’m still feeling a bit deflated.

‘I’ve got some lovely bruises all over my arms where the waves kept crashing into them.

‘It’s one of those things. There were a couple of successes for younger, faster swimmers on the day but the conditions weren’t right for me. I’ve got to come to terms with that.

‘But donations are still coming in even though I wasn’t successful.

‘People are still supporting me.’

Chris has been raising money for three charities – Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation and Help for Heroes.

Visits to her fundraising page have increased since Saturday with donations to Cancer Research in particular going up.

Chris is still undecided about whether or not to attempt the crossing again in the future.

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