Charity is important to the members of the Bowling Club

BUSY MAN Jack Wilcock, president of Gosport Bowling Club
BUSY MAN Jack Wilcock, president of Gosport Bowling Club
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WE HAD a registration day not so long ago where we had 143 signed on for this season.

That includes one or two new players we’ve managed to attract.

We’re based in Anglesey Gardens, which is in Anglesey Road, Gosport and we’ve got two bowling greens down there.

Apart from our individual – what we call club events where we play against one another, we also play in a number of leagues.

We play in the Portsmouth and District league – both men and women – and then we have mixed teams that play in the Gosport and Fareham mixed triples leagues.

The president traditionally nominates a charity to raise money for throughout the season.

Elections are held in December and the president for that year will start raising money from January 1 to the end of the season in September.

This year my nominated charity is Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service.

It’s a local voluntary organisation that relies and awful lot on fundraising by people outside of the organisation.

And it’s just down the other end of our road, so we’re virtually neighbours.

It’s something that isn’t national but is funded locally.

At the moment we have raised just over £1,000 in three months and we’re looking to improve on that figure.

Various people do different things to raise the cash.

On June 15 we will hold a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party too.

We put fines one people for doing silly things at the club.

If you put the wrong bias on when you bowl it ends up in the wrong rink and people get fined for that.

Anything that raises money we’re prepared to do.