Charity thankful for candles of hope

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A cancer charity has thanked people who took part in a moving ceremony in memory of lost loved ones.

St Thomas' Cathedral and John's Cathedral, both in Portsmouth, and Chichester Cathedral, were three of only 25 churches across the country to take took part in the Candle of Hope event over Christmas.

It was organised by the World Cancer Research Fund and the candles were lit between Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night.

The charity's general manager Teresa Nightingale, said: 'The candle offered a physical reminder of a loved one as well as hope for the future by helping us raise awareness of cancer prevention.

'Scientists estimate that by making changes to the food we eat, increasing our amount of physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight about a third of the most common cancers could be prevented.'

The appeal also gave people the chance to help fund cancer prevention by making a donation towards education and research work. To donate call 0800 970 1461.